Monday, October 11, 2010

About Igbo Lesson Online

Igbo Lesson Online is provided by the Igbo Language and Cultural School.

Thanks to our technologically tested audiovisual method, we are able to provide Igbo language and culture training to you no matter where you live or work. All you need is the willingness to learn, a computer with internet connection, speakers and microphone. Our system has been tested and will get you speaking Igbo in a short time.

Our courses are offered 100% online through the Igbo School Online.

Upon completion of your Igbo language training with us, you will have the skills and confidence to effectively communicate in Igbo with Igbo speaking members of your family, fellow members of your Igbo cultural association, your clients or colleagues.


Igbo Lesson 1: How to Learn Igbo Language

Igbo Lesson 2: The Igbo Alphabet

Igbo Lesson 3: Pronouns and Professions

Dr. Chidi Igwe
Igbo Teacher
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